Sandugo Festival

re-enactment of blood compact between
Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

The Sandugo Festival also known as the Blood Compact Commemoration is a month long celebration every July in the city of Bohol to commemorate the Sandugo or the signing of a treaty of friendship between a local Philippine leader Datu Sikatuna with the Spanish king conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The Sandugo treaty is called a blood compact because the participants each drink a small amount of the other’s blood. This was a traditional way to formalize treaties of friendship in the country. It was the first international treaty of friendship and comity between the Filipinos and the Spaniards.
Many tourists from around the country gather for this special event which involves colorful costumes, loud drum beats, street parades, church services, fireworks, beauty pageants, cockfighting and sport tournaments. The most awaited part of the whole festival is the reenactment of the blood compact which features actors, singers and dancers. This is done to make people remember the origin of the cause of their celebration.
colorful and festive street parades during the festival

ms. sandugo winners stand proud of their heritage

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