Boracay! You Sexy Beach!

Boracay is considered as the world's second best beach. A lot of tourists from different countries visit Boracay not only for it's world renowned white beach but also for the leisure activities one can do in this island paradise.


1. Island Hopping – when you’re in Boracay you should know that it is not the only island you can visit. Nearby islands such as Crocodile island, Puka Beach and Panoly Beach are similarly rich in sights and wonders that will take you closer to nature

2. Water Activities – no visit in Boracay is complete without a ride in Banana Boat. You can also rent a Jetski and enjoy the water rushing by, a feeling of freedom and excitement. If you are more daring, why not try Parasailing, you will feel the adrenaline rush and at the same time calmness of the wind and the sea.
3. Reef Walking – experience the underwater world of Boracay even if you don’t have the diving expertise. In helmet dive, you can walk on the sea floor for at least 20 minutes and can enjoy the beauty in the deep
4. Snorkeling – there are a lot of shallow reefs and coral formations that allow snorkelers to enjoy them without the fear of being drowned. Just remember to bring your pair of flippers and complete set of snorkeling mask and breather and you’re off to go.

5. Diving – Boracay is beautiful above and under water. The seas around Boracay harbor more than 30 amazing diving spots with reefs, corals, wrecks and rare tropical fish.
6. Henna Tattoos and Hair Braiding – try to get that stylish, clean and inexpensive body art, it’s a proof that you’ve been to Boracay and it will add to your sexy Bora look. You can also have your hair braided once you arrived in the island. You can approach any hair braiding expert along the beach if you want to avail their service.

7. Ride the Zorb – riding down a hill inside a giant inflatable bouncing ball is an awesome experience, a really must try. It is one of Boracay’s newest adventure.
8. ATV Ride – ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and explore the outdoors of Boracay. There are two stops in this ATV ride, the Everland Aviary Park and the Tanawin View Point where you can relax and enjoy the view of Bulabog Beach and Caticlan Islands from the top.
9. Beach Massage and Spa – after a whole day of different activities, there is nothing like a good massage to sooth your tired body.
10. Swim, Explore the Beach and Make Sand Castles – enjoy the fine, white sand and the pristine waters of Boracay. It is the most basic thing to do in the island, its fun and it’s absolutely free!

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  1. Indeed there are lot of things to do in the island that anyone can get to enjoy. That's the reason why many people (and of course including me) love Boracay. How I wish I could live and have my own properties in boracay.