Alona Beach in Panglao

   Alona Beach is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is a beautiful, well developed one and a half kilometer stretch of fine, white sand. Surrounded by tall, swaying palm trees and the azure waters, it is truly a tropical paradise!


1. Diving – Bohol is a haven for diving enthusiasts. The diving spots here are mostly coral rich sites flourishing with various marine life. Notable dive spots are the Black Forest in Balicasag and Diver’s Heaven, southwest of Panglao

2. Beach Massage – if you don’t mind privacy and being in the open while someone tries to soothe your tired muscle, then go ahead and try the massage straight at the shore.

3. Snorkeling in Balicasag Island –declared as marine sanctuary. This is perfect for snorkeling because of its shallow waters, beautiful corals and countless colored fishes.

4. Dolphin Watching – is one of the most famous attractions enjoyed early in the morning in Panglao. Be sure to go near Balicasag Island before sunrise to spot the dolphins playing and flipping in the sea.

5. Visit Virgin Island - is a small, uninhabited island a few kilometers off the shores of Panglao. This island with S-shaped sandbar is popular for tourists; you can do BBQ, picnic or just enjoy the beauty of this hidden oasis.

6. Walk along Alona Beach –walk on its white, fine sand, enjoy the view of clear waters and palm trees of Alona Beach, an ideal location for relaxation. There are also a wide range of restaurants and bars in close proximity to the beach that serve refreshment drinks as well as exotic and local foods.

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