Parada ng Lechon

   The Parada ng Lechon is celebrated annually every 24th of June in Balayan, Batangas. This festival commemorates the feast day of St. John the Baptist and is celebrated by a procession of roasted pigs or lechon. 

    During the event, a mass is held at the Immaculate Conception Church. After the mass, the participating lechons are lined up at the church patio, the parade then proceeds after the blessing of the roasted pigs in St. John’s name. In this festival, one can witness a hilarious sight when the roast pigs are dressed according to the theme of participating organizations. Some of the lechons are dressed in wigs, sunglasses, clothes and whatever the decorators want. While the parade passes by the streets, bystanders will drench the participants with water. They are even free to take a piece of lechon while on parade. 

      It’s a wet and wild party after the grand parade, everyone are gathered at the Rotonda and got to experience the thrill of being fired by a water gun or being poured by a pail of water. In every corner of the streets, parties are up until the evening. There are free beers and lechons for everyone to enjoy.

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