Top 10 In Demand College Courses

A college degree is important if you want to pursue a successful career. While the cost of college education is increasing every year, finding a high-paying job is equally hard because of the stiff competition. So choosing a course in college needs time and deliberation, here’s the top 10 in demand college courses you may want to consider.

1. Culinary Arts / BS Hotel and Restaurant Management / Tourism
Tourism and Hospitality Industry is booming as Tourism Department has intensified their campaign to bring more tourists in the country. Students also take up these courses in the hopes of working abroad in five-star hotels and cruise ships.

2. Business Courses
For those who want to have their own business and become an entrepreneur, this is the best course for you. No one wants to fail so a 4-year preparation in college will help you learn the details in making your own company a success.

3. BS Accountancy
Big and small companies deal with money all the time. When there is money involved, CPAs and accounting clerks are always in demand.

4. BS Nursing
Most universities have added BSN into their curriculum to meet the growing demands for those who want to take up the course. It is quite obvious that a degree in Nursing is a ticket abroad, since many countries are in need of nursing staff and care givers.

5. BS Computer Science / Information Technology
The growth of IT industry has increased the demands for computer technicians and computer programmers to work on various projects from website development to software programming. They are also considered necessary in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms.

6. BS Psychology / Behavioral Science
Managing people is one the essential factors in a successful company that is why it is important to have good people in Human Resources.

7. BS Criminology
The increase in basic pay for policemen also increased the enrollees for this course. Public service with good compensation package, not bad at all.

8. BS Engineering
Engineering in all fields are in demand here and abroad. As the country’s economy improve so as the construction industry because of the need for office buildings and condominiums for the congested metro.

9. BS Education
The increase in enrollees in public schools also increased the need for teachers. English teachers can also work as language tutors to Koreans and other foreign students.

10. TESDA Courses
If you are in a limited budget and cannot pursue a 4-year course, you may want to enroll in certificate courses in TESDA like bartending, commercial cooking, housekeeping, carpentry etc. According to the Department of Labor and Employment, skills such as these are in demand abroad and offers high paying jobs.


  1. Where would be the best to take BS Engineering? Is there's a college school for girls only? I will appreciate if you can post a list of top women school in manila. Thanks!