World Teachers' Day

In 1993, UNESCO inaugurated October 5 as World Teachers’ Day, a day to celebrate teachers and the central role they play in guiding children, youths and adults through their life-long learning process. To contribute to the growth and development of the teaching profession in the country, a Teachers’ Month Campaign was conceived in July 2008 by the Metrobank Foundation Inc, De La Salle Philippines, Philippines Business for Education and Campaign for Social Response, with the special participation of the Department of Education and the support of key business institutions and major media partners.
The initiatives and successes of the Teachers’ Month Campaign since 2008 were solidified when President Benigno S. Aquino III signed the Proclamation No. 242 on August 24, 2011 declaring the period from September 5 to October 5 of every year as the “National Teachers’ Month”. The theme of this year’s celebration is “My Teacher, My Hero”. The President emphasized the need to generate public awareness and support for World Teachers’ Month in the Philippines. The occasion can be used to celebrate the unique role and service that teachers play in guiding families, strengthening communities and building the nation, he added.

            As part of the celebration, all schools and DepEd offices are required to post streamers to ensure that the communities are aware of the World Teachers’ Month Celebration. Everyone is also encouraged to develop their own activities in support of Teachers’ Month celebration such as:

1.    Join the nationwide “Prayer for Teachers” and “Ringing of Bells” which will be done as one nation at exactly 10:05 AM on October 5, 2012
2.    On World Teachers’ Day, everyone who has ever been a student is invited to say “Thank You” to at least 1 teacher who has made a difference in his or her life.
3.    Commercial and retail outlets can announce the day, offer discounts/freebies or special promos  for teachers
4.    Radio and TV networks can feature the day in their shows, have hosts and celebrities greet their teachers and develop segments around teachers
5.    Schools can organize short and meaningful program celebrating Teachers’ Day. Students may perform short skits or song and dance numbers. Teachers can also be given flowers and small tokens from their students.

Giver of all wisdom and greatest of all teachers
Look upon your teachers with love
Grant them the resolve to nurture our eager minds
And to never give up on us who fall behind
Bless their hearts
For they rejoice when we succeed and encourage us when we fail
Endow them with gentle patience
For the path of learning is never easy
Kindle a spirit of passion in them
It is the flame that ignites the love of learning in us
Help them see the potential in each student
Their belief in us means much more than the grade we make
Instill in them a commitment to keep on learning
It shows us not to fear new knowledge and experiences
Inspire them to touch the future
They influence how big a dream we dream for ourselves
Bless our teachers who have come before for their work endures to this day
Let the light of Your example shines upon all teachers:
To build up with their words, to love with their mind, to share with their heart

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