How to celebrate Valentine's Day, the Pinoy Way

     Filipinos are romantic and loving people, in fact according to the survey conducted in 2008, Filipinos among Asians are the ones most into Valentine’s day. So how do we celebrate heart’s day the Pinoy way?

To those who have money to spend:

Give your special someone a beautiful arrangement of flowers

You can prepare a special home-cooked candlelit dinner or for something more extravagant, eat out in a fine dining restaurant

Valentine’s day is a special time to get away from the busy Metro and spend the night in an out-of town date in Tagaytay, Subic or Batangas

To add to the special night, you can also give a present; from a simple box of
chocolates to expensive jewelries

Watch a valentine show or concert of your favorite artist

However, if you are in a tight budget, you can still make your valentine’s date special by showing simple yet sweet little gestures of love

Make a home made card, create a poem or a write a note of appreciation

Just spend quality time with your partner, cuddling in the couch while watching your
favorite movie

Watch the sunset with her and promise that your love will burn longer than the sun

Open the windows, play your favorite song and ask her to dance under the stars

Leave an “I love you” message everywhere inside your house or a trail of paper
hearts from the front door to the bedroom as he comes from work

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