Pagsanjan's Bangkero Festival

     The Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival is held during the month of March. It is inspired by and dedicated to all bangkeros (boatmen) in Pagsanjan and in honor of the town’s patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe. These boatmen serve as tour guides whose skills and dexterity demonstrated in maneuvering the boats upstream and against strong currents of water until reaching the scenic view of the breath taking Pagsanjan falls.Local government aims to push the advocacy on environmental protection and promotion of the local tourism through the celebration of the Bangkero Festival

Pagsanjan Falls dubbed as the tourist capital of Laguna
The 5-day Festival has different activities like the traditional boat race or regatta, fluvial and land parade with street dancing, drum and lyre competition and other sports events. There are also cultural presentations and the annual search for “Ginoong Bangkero” and the “Lakan at Binibining Pagsanjan”.

Regatta or Karera ng mga Bangka
Fluvial parade is held in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Contest for the Best Decorated Gantungan or Boat Garage
The annual search for Ginoong Bangkero and Lakan at Binibining Pagsanjan

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