Obando's Fertility Dance

procession of  the 3 patron saints with
thousands of spectators and participants
     Obando Fertility Dance is an annual 3-day festival celebrated during the month of May in Obando, Bulacan. The Fertility Dance is a Filipino dance ritual. It was then called “Kasilonawan” it was headed by a “katalonan” or the high priestess. This ancient fertility ritual was very important to the early Filipino women because fertility is equal to her worth.

When the Franciscan missionaries arrived in the Philippines, they introduced the saints Sta Clara, San Pascual and Nuestra Senora de Salambao to substitute their traditional pagan gods.
both the young and the young at hearts dance during the fertility ritual
    Every year from May 17-19, the people of Obando wear traditional costumes and dance on the streets followed by the images of their patron saints while singing the song Santa Clara Pinung-pino. Among the fiesta participants are outsiders from different towns of the country mostly couples asking for a child, others dance in hope to find a mate. While farmers and fishermen pray for a bountiful catch and harvest since Obando is an agricultural town.

     The Fertility Dance is a timeless tradition that draws a lot of curious visitors from all over the country. Both skeptics and believers enjoy the festivity and the solemn and joyful celebration of life.

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