Pahiyas Festival

     Pahiyas Festival is a colorful feast celebrated every 15th day of May by the people of Lucban Quezon in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. The festival’s name came from the term hiyas (jewel) and pahiyas (precious offering). The feast is an ancient farmer’s harvest celebration that date backs to the 16th century. It is their way of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.    
kiping adorn the house facade
     The festival showcases a street of houses which are adorned with fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, handicrafts and kiping. Kiping are thin wafers made from rice dough that are usually arranged into two or three layers of chandeliers called aranya. Each house tries to outdo each other in decorations in an annual competition as they vie for the honor of being recognized for their creativity. After the competition is over, the decorations of the house are thrown away to the huge flocks of people as free treats; some will be cooked and eaten as rice chips. In the afternoon, the image of San Isidro Labrador is carried across town in procession to assure farmers of more bountiful harvests in the coming years.
fruits and vegetables are place as offerings to San Isidro Labrador
chandeliers of kiping called aranya decorate the house in the streets of Lucban

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